Super Thursday

日期: 25/10/2023

A range of Super Thursday activities are organized and run with the aim of creating a rich English language learning environment as these activities support children’s language development and provide them with opportunities to use English outside the classroom. 

Chat Corners – Students enjoy talking in English with Principal Ko and other English teachers in the playground and the covered playground and earn stickers.  This is motivating students to speak in English and is helping enhance their confidence.

Game Booths – Activity booths set up every Thursday in the covered playground enable students to participate in English activities and earn more stickers.  These activities enable students to recap and review vocabulary relating to different topics and some grammar items too, in a fun way. 

Read with Parents – Students are encouraged to bring their textbooks and read from the textbooks to parent volunteers in the school foyer.  Apart from receiving stickers, this helps students improve their literacy skills.