Hong Kong School Drama Festival 2023/24

日期: 02/05/2024

‘Good show!’ The Drama Club finished the performance, ‘Dreams that Glitter’ at Hong Kong School Drama Festival 2023/24 on 12th March. After months of tireless rehearsals and unwavering dedication, the club members brought their characters to life on the stage. The stage design and costumes added an extra layer of authenticity, creating a visually stunning experience. Finally, the results were released, and the Drama Club got awards for outstanding performers, outstanding cooperation and outstanding stage effects. Their hard work had paid off, leaving a lasting impact on both the audience and the club members themselves.


Award for outstanding performer

3B Tsang Tsz Shun

4D Wong Miu Yin Aubrey

4E Tam Tsz Hei

5E Cheng Shing Chit

6B Fung Pak Wai

6D Chan Kwan Yau


Award for outstanding cooperation

Award for outstanding stage effects

3B Chan Yi Lok  3B Tsang Tsz Shun

4B Cheng Pok Hei Karson  4D Chan Keesha Yuenyan Astillero  4D Ngan An Zit

4D Wong Miu Yin Aubrey  4E Ching Sze Pui  4E Tam Tsz Hei  4E Wong Cho Kit

5A Leung Capen Tengedan  5A Poon Cheuk Ting  5B Cheung Chun Kit  5B Shiu Tsz Ting  

5B Tam Wing Kei  5C Ng Ka Hei  5E Cheng Shing Chit  5E Sze-To Tsz Yan

6B Fung Pak Wai  6B Huang Oliver Joseph  6B Lee Tsz Yuk

6D Chan Kwan Yau  6D Cheng Yuen Olivia